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Dr Tim's Aquatics SeaChem
DrTim's One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria is the premier nitrifying product on the market.

The result of years of published research on nitrifying bacteria, One & Only Live Nitrifying bacteria is used by Public Aquaria, Fish Farm and Aquaculturists around the World.

Seachem products have been and continue to be based on sound science. They now cover the full spectrum of aquarium requirements in freshwater, seawater, reefs, and ponds. They include buffers, conditioners, filtration media, medications, and test kits. Most of Seachem's products are totally unique and specific to Seachem.
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Herbtana 4 oz
Herbtana 4 oz
Starting at: $9.99

100% Natural Expellant for parasitic diseases. Supports the fish's immune system, driving off the excess parasites. Since they cannot return to the fish during treatment, the majority of the parasites will starve without a host. This product is intended for use with all ornamental and aquarium fish only, and may not be used for fish intended for human consumption.

Provides a chemical-free treatment effective against these parasitic diseases: White Spot (Ich), Costia, Flukes (gill & skin), Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium

4 oz

Waste-Away 120 Gallon 4oz
Waste-Away 120 Gallon 4oz
Starting at: $10.99

Waste-Away is a unique combination of bacteria that attack and dissolve organic wastes in the aquarium quickly. Even with good maintenance and monthly water changes, sludge and wastes remain in the aquarium in hard to reach and hard to see places, and are dissolved in the water. Waste-Away, a 100% natural, beneficial-bacteria based product, works to quickly find, break down and remove these wastes.

  • Dissolves sludge and dirt
  • Unclogs gravel/coral beds
  • Removes hidden wastes
  • Contains no phosphates
  • 100% natural
Salifert Flatworm Exit
Salifert Flatworm Exit
Starting at: $16.99

Ultra Slime Remover
Ultra Red Slime Remover
Starting at: $17.99

Oyster Feast 6 oz
Oyster Feast 6 oz
Starting at: $20.99

Oyster-Feast® is a mix of both oyster eggs and ovarian tissue (1-200 microns). Oyster-Feast is naturally size-appropriate for the smallest SPS corals (Acropora & Montipora) up to LPS corals (Goniopora & Favites). Highly suitable feed for a broad range of corals and other invertebrates.
Oyster Ovarian Tissue Included Ovarian tissue has all the benefits and nutritional value of the eggs but in a wide range of sizes, down to 1 micron. It is high in both protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Strong Feeding Response Oyster-Feast elicits a strong feeding response from corals, other invertebrates and fish. Even mysids, amphipods and copepods will feed on Oyster-Feast.
Tigger Pods 6 oz
Tigger Pods 6 oz
Starting at: $20.99

Tigger-Pods are attractive large red copepods, Tigriopus californicus.
They swim upwards with a stimulating, jerky swimming motion which is attractive to both fish and people.
Finicky fish love them!
Tigger-Pods are perfect for culturing and restocking reeftanks & refugiums, as well as an excellent feed for fish, including mandarins and pipefish. They breed rapidly producing hundreds of eggs per female.
Starting at: $29.99

Seachem Matric Bio Media 4 Liter