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Tropic Marin (Turkey Facility)

If you purchased Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt and the the Lot was from the "Turkey" facility they will be issuing a replacement sometime in the future.  The exact date is not know at this time, but could be a month or two as the supply change fills back up.  If your Tropic Marin Pro Reef package has the "Turkey" label,  Please email a photo of with the lot # to :



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The replacement process:

The procedure is now in place to enable customers to seek replacement of Tropic Marin® Pro-Reef sea salt manufactured in our production facility in Turkey, packaged in 100-gallon and 160-gallon boxes and in 200-gallon buckets. The salt produced at our facility in Turkey can be identified from our other manufacturing sites, as follows:  A label on the front of the 100-gallon and 160-gallon boxes states, “Manufactured in Turkey under the authority of Tropic Marin AG.” The 200-gallon buckets have this statement as well on the side of the bucket.

Customers should return to their retailer with a receipt of purchase, a picture of the label that shows the statement mentioned above, and a lot number of the product to be replaced. It is not necessary to return the actual product to the retailer. Lot numbers on boxes are located on the side of the box, printed on a small paper label. A similar label is located on the bottom of the buckets. Lot numbers are requested, but not mandatory. If you acquired your product from an online source, please contact that source directly for the replacement.

Your retailer may not have the replacement product immediately available at the time of your return. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to move as much German-made replacement product over to the US as quickly as possible. However, due to current shipping constraints, it may take as long as 2 months or more for replacements to arrive from Germany. We appreciate, and are extremely thankful, for your continued patience while we navigate the logistics of this very complex situation.


Dear Tropic Marin® Retailer,

By now you are aware that we have had an issue with some of the Pro Reef salt manufactured in our facility in Turkey. We have publicly released two company statements in relation to this. Please see them below at the end of this notice for your reference.

Tropic Marin® has halted the shipment of all salt manufactured in our Turkish facility to the US market. This, of course, excludes shipments already on the water. We would ask you to halt sales of any inventory you have the following SKU’s, if they have come from our Turkish facility: Tropic Marin® Pro Reef salt packaged in 100 gallon boxes, 160 gallon boxes or 200 gallon buckets. 

We have also contacted all our Tropic Marin® Distributors, and they are at the ready to replace or credit you for any of these SKU’s that you still have in stock. They will also be doing the same for these SKU’s returned to your store by your customers. Be sure to ask for lot numbers and sales receipts for processing returns. Lot numbers are located on a small paper label on the sides of the buckets or boxes. Each request for credit to your distributor should be accompanied by one or multiple lot numbers. 

Tropic Marin® will not be asking for the salt to be returned, either from your current inventory or the replacement product to your customers. We will, however, need the lot numbers of those replaced items to process the credit memos.

It will take some time for us to ship replacement salt from our German manufacturing facilities over to our US market. We are working around the clock to fulfill this need. We will do our best to keep you informed with updates on replacement product. In the meantime, please understand that even in the best-case scenario for these replacements, we are looking at eight weeks or more for that product to get here. We apologize for the delay in replacing your current stock and your returns.

We very much appreciate how difficult this situation is, especially with the lag time in replenishing this stock. We ask for your understanding and help in smoothly navigating this difficult issue. Even though it does not appear that 100% of the salt manufactured in Turkey is involved, we felt strongly that action needed to be taken now, and that this would be the best way to precede and protect the integrity of the Tropic Marin® brand.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Lou Ekus at 413-367-0101 or email to

With much appreciation,

Your Tropic Marin® team