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Finnex HMO Series

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HMO Series Compact Digital Controller + Titanium Tube

Finnex Digital Titanium Heaters use new technology with precision digital control to maintain water temperatures at a constant level.  The titanium tubes are corrosion-resistant making them virtually unbreakable.  These advanced heaters maintain water temperatures within +/- 2 Deg. F of the set value providing a safe, healthy, and stable temperature for your tank.  In case of power failure, these heaters are equipped with memory to restore your original settings, making this heater one of a kind in the aquatic market.

Model Wattage Amperage  (115V) Control Range Water Volume
HMO-100 100 W .45 A 68°F - 92°F 20 - 30 G
HMO-200 200 W 1.8 A 68°F - 92°F 60 - 80 G
HMO-300 300 W 2.7 A 68°F - 92°F 80 - 100 G