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Marineland Blue Accent LED Hidden Lighting 17in


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The innovative Accent LED Lighting System from Marineland is designed to add supplemental light to your aquarium system, enhancing the appearance of fish, live corals, and aquatic plants. It allows you to see the light without ever seeing the fixture! This compact unit can be mounted in-frame and includes integrated cord routing for complete concealment. This fully submersible light fixture can alternatively be positioned ANYWHERE in your aquarium using the included suction cups. This Blue Accent LED Lighting System utilizes 465nm blue LEDs to produce a pleasant low that is great for coral accenting and growth. These energy-efficient 0.06 watt LEDs boast a 17,000-hour operational life and provide considerable energy and cost savings over the lifetime of the fixture. The best part is, the bulbs never need a replacement! Another remarkable feature of the Accent LED Lighting System is the directional adjustment. An easily accessible dial enables you to shift the direction of light on-demand to suit your preferences as well as the individual needs of your aquarium. An in-line 2-way power switch gives you full control of the light, allowing you to select between the on and off positions. Finally, a low voltage, single power source reduces cord clutter and saves valuable space around your aquarium system.