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Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy to use In-line Remote
  • Highly Water Resistant

We hope to have these available inc December or January depending on import delays.
The Easy Plant LED was designed to be easy, while also being affordable and long lasting. This was no easy task as we had to evaluate every feature to make sure it justified it's cost.

We started by giving it a 3 year warranty. This meant everything after that had to lend itself to longevity. We made it HIGHLY water resistant. One of the main ways lights go bad is from water, whether it's from being knocked in or it's getting sprayed with water from an air stone. 

How powerful is it? We wanted a light that was bright, grew plants and made fish look great. However, it needed to work on any size aquarium. So we made it adjustable. You can dim the light down. At it's brightest, it has the most light output of any light we've ever sold. However you can dim it 6 levels to get the perfect level for your aquarium.

With it so bright, does it get hot? It does get warm, but we paired efficient leds with an efficient ballast. We also redesigned the housing to be more robust and dissipate heat better. You'll see competing lights be 10% to 50% less efficient. This adds up to more heat, and more money spent to get the light your plants need.

Next up was making it easy to use, the in-line remote has limited options. A mode button that turns it on, off, and night time mode. Then two buttons for up and down adjustments how bright the light is.(yep, it saves it's settings in a power outage or using a timer)

This means you can share your settings with others easily. "My 20 gallon tank uses the Easy LED at level 3 and I've been growing these plants."

Does it have sunrise/sunset mode? Can I change the individual leds? This feature didn't make the cut. The price increase, and loss in efficient in the leds didn't make sense when achieving our goals of the best possible light that lasts a long time while remaining affordable.


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