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Sustainable Islands

What is the SI Project?

The SI Project operates from separate facilities on the Sustainable Aquatics Campus which market marine fish that are tank raised from wild collected post-larval swarms.  The SI project collects very young fish from the ocean — often recently settled post-larval fish — and raises them in their Tennessee facilities. There are several great reasons motivating the SI project, from being more sustainable to being better for business:

  • For the first time, the SI project makes available to retailers fish which are completely acclimated to aquarium life. This means that they exhibit good color, health, acceptance of a wide variety of prepared aquarium foods, are free of disease, and are “socially acclimated” to aquarium conditions and to humans.
  • This enables a high survival rate through retail sale and into the hobbyist aquarium.
  • Collecting these small fish is more ecologically-friendly than collecting large, mature animals since the larger animals are survivors that we need to leave in the ocean as breeder fish and the smaller, younger animals typically have a low survival rate to maturity in nature.

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