Diamond Goby

Diamond Goby


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Valenciennea puellaris

The Diamond Goby is an easy-to-care-for and peaceful addition to any aquarium. With its vibrant orange and white coloration, this carnivorous fish is also reef compatible, making it a versatile and attractive option for any marine environment.

also known as: Pretty Prawn, Maiden, Diamond Watchman Goby, Orange Spotted Diamond, or Orange Spotted Sleeper Goby.

The recommended minimum tank size is 75 gallons.

It is recommended that you have a glass canopy since it is easily startled and can jump out of the aquarium.

The Diamond Watchman Goby feeds off the bottom frequently sifting through the sand.

Customer Reviews

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Terry Bollman
Diamond Goby Purchase

Love the fish. We got him and 8 others at the same time. All but the Coral Beauty survived and doing well. Will buy more. Would also like some type of rewards or discount program. Already purchased well over $500 in the store on fish, water and food.

James Snell Jr
Wonderful fish

Great supply of health fish and great service with these folks
Give them a visit if you haven’t

Matt Hartman
Diamond Goby

Excellent Goby, has been very active from the moment it was added to the tank.

Eric Reagan
3rd times a charm

This is our 3rd try with these little guys. They are massive sand movers but you HAVE to have a completely sealed display tank. Our first 2 made it through a hole less than 1" big. Now everything is sealed tight.

Julie Howard

Diamond Watchman Goby

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