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Dojo Loach

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I got my first dojo loach about a month ago. He’s so cool and has the sweetest personality. There’s great costumer service as well, and the workers are very knowledgeable. I love this fish and I will hopefully be getting another one very soon, and I’m definitely going back here. The tanks look amazing, very clean, no dead fish at all, unlike a lot of other fish stores. Every fish looked very healthy. And the big deal for me was the bettas in TANKS, I hate seeing them in little cups at other stores, they were in tanks with heaters and filtration and I love that so so much. When I went I also purchased an oranda goldfish, 3 guppies, a rabbit snail, and a betta, their all doing amazing, though one guppy did die but that was NOT the stores fault, the filter was a bit too strong for the guppy and he didn’t make it, but I fixed the filter problem and everyone else is doing amazing. These people do an amazing job of keeping their fish healthy and the tanks and store very clean, I highly recommend checking them out.

Dojo Loach

Great addition to the aquarium. Love this LFS - always clean - fish look good - never see dead ones floating in tanks like others. Great variety of everything - knowledgeable employees and the sweetest dog!!


Loach is the coolest guy in the tank!

Dojo Loach purchase

I had a great experience in the store. Salesman was very knowledgeable and patient. This was my second purchase, and I wanted to add another Dojo loach to my family of one. Unfortunately, the last loach died. But I will be going back to make future purchases. My experience there was fabulous.

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