Dojo Loach

Dojo Loach


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 Misgurnus anguillicaudatus


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Margaret Smith
Dojo Loach

They are fun to watch back and forth in the tank. They have done real good for us.

Ashley Vick
Friendly Water Puppies

Little puppy noodles. I have 7 of these guys, I love to feed them straight from my hand. See them swim crazy when bad weather is on the way. They all sleep together in a noodle stack in my community tank. Little water sausages add one to your tank today!

Ron Rothenstine
Dojo loaches

I bought 1 dojo loach on Saturday and went back Sunday and got another one, they are the neatest pet, they will eat out of your hand and love to be petted. I’m so glad I got them.

Kaity Craven
Sweet, healthy Dojos!

My husband and I just moved into the area and are thrilled to have found this clean, organized store with healthy fish tanks and excellent customer services. We bought 10 Danios and 2 Dojo Loaches- all of which are the epitome of healthy. Thank you!

Michael Boone
Goldest of the Loaches!

The "Weather Loach" definitely a bigger fish for your setup but mine was healthy and huge definitely a peaceful non bashful fish! Mine likes to be petted while I clean the tank! Thanks guys for the great service and the freshwater addition!

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