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Flame Hawkfish

Flame Hawkfish


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Neocirrhites armatus

Also known as Brilliant Hawkfish.

Recommended minimum tank size is 30 gallons.

Customer Reviews

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Donald Miller
Best fish for entertainment

Flame hawk brightened right up and started eating an hour after introduced to our tank. Has a cute little personality!

One of the best fish out there

One of the best fish in the hobby. They're a pretty hardy fish, and are typically peaceful. I had one for close to 6 years and he was really good about keeping the peace, and would check the aggression of my wrasse. They will eat any shrimp you put into the tank though, so be wary of adding any, and they don't have a swim bladder so they have to have a significant amount of rock and surface to jump between in your tank.

Tina Staton
This Guy is Hilarious!

This little guy is hilarious to watch! And he adds a beautiful color to our tank too! The first 2 days he was home, he found his reflection in the glass and fought with himself for awhile! Now he cruises the tank and perches from rock to rock! At Feeding time he waits for the food to float past him while he perches on a rock then he swoops in on it! Such a great addition to our tank!

Everyone I have met at Reef Life are full of knowledge and always willing to help you! The fish are healthy and if you happen to want a fish that is not compatible with your tank....they will be honest and tell you! Unlike others that I have been to that will sell you the fish and let you find out later. I highly recommend Reef Life Aquariums!

Brent Piper
Nice fish with caution!

Love the Flame Hawk, awesome fish. But with that said he terrorized some of my purple fire fish and my cleaner shrimps. And apparently they are jumps :( Waiting a while and decided to get another. He is smaller and doesn’t seem to bother anyone but the shrimp only come out at night. They have a lot of character and fun to watch. I would buy one for any tank but just know with cautions for shrimp and gobies.

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