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Instant Ocean Reef Crystals

Instant Ocean

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Enriched formulation. Optimum effectiveness. Formulated specially for use in reef aquariums, Reef Crystals contains essential ocean reef elements in concentrations greater than those found in natural sea water:

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Brian Van Fleet
Great shop!

Friendly team healthy fish and corals, and also ways well-stocked. Thanks again!

R Crowe

Best place around for aquarium needs

Ron Rezek
Great product

Great product

Tristan Dunn
Know your synthetic mix intimately before you buy it.

The Instant Ocean Reef Crystals are a GREAT PRODUCT, and WELL WORTH THE MONEY. But that being said, they have one drawback that EVERYONE whom uses them needs to know:

I started using the Reef Crystals when I set up my first saltwater system a few months ago. I let the tank cycle through for about a month and a half, until the parameters "levelled off" (read at 0 p.p.m.)-except for the ammonia. Ever since I set up the system, the ammonia has CONSISTENTLY read at .25 p.p.m. on my A.P.I. chemical test kit. Finally, after months of research and a little bit of experimentation, I figured out that the calcium and magnesium concentrations present in the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals were causing an interference in the ammonia test, resulting in a false ammonia level reading, likely due to the similarities in the chemical structures of calcium, magnesium and ammonia. I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, but I would suggest that the future investor, if they can afford it, invest in digital test kits if they decide to use this particular synthetic salt mix.