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Neon Tetra


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Paracheirodon innesi

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Bill Watkins
great fish

bottom line is you don't have to buy extra fish, their fish live. they take care of them so you buy healthy fish

William Clay
Healthy and thriving

I've had bad experiences with neons from big box stores before. Some of that was on me as a new hobbyist and introducing them to an aquarium that wasn't seasoned enough. Some of that was on big box stores putting neons out on the shop floor without holding them long enough to ensure they were healthy specimens.

The neons I've got from Reef Life are all healthy, colorful, big and hardy! I have had a good sized school of them going for months and months now and waited to review them. They're all still doing fine. Reef Life takes the time to keep them in holding and make sure they're healthy rather than rushing them to sale.

Neons sometimes get a bad rap in the hobby, but I definitely recommend getting them from Reef Life.

Healthy fish, professional advice

Every fish I have purchased from Reef Life Aquariums has been healthy . I have yet to lose a single one. Great service! Support your LFS!

Ginger Stewart

Neon Tetra

Scott Waymaster
The inployes are great

Good prices nice stock very helpful