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Odessa Barb

Odessa Barb


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Pethia padamya

This fish is a great addition to a semi aggressive community tank, when kept in groups of 7-10 or more.

They can be fin nippers, so avoid putting with slow moving fish with larger fins.

Recommended minimum tank size is 55 gallons.

Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Beato

Odessa barbs are underrated they are so beautiful once they color up, I have a large school and the males are gorgeous! Super healthy too

Roy Grace
Great fish from an awesome store.

I bought 3 Odessa barbs from this store. I could not be more pleased. These were additions to a barb only tank, very active and healthy fish. This store is one of the best LFSs I have ever visited. Visited first time just to look around, I was looking for issues. Saw zero dead fish, no tanks with ich, and all the fish appeared healthy. Second time I went in to in looking for issues as well, saw none and decided to buy these Odessa barbs. I really appreciate that the store labels the tabk with arrival date, if it has survived in their tanks for over a month, and it dies in your tank its probably an issue with your tank not theirs. Anyway, this is my go to fish store. Keep up the good work, and I will keep coming.

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