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Panda Corydoras


(Corydoras panda)

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They're so cute

Im a begginer fish keeper with a small 10gal freshwater tank. I was dissapointed to find out I couldn't keep a pleco because of the size of my tank but did some looking into for the cory catfish family. I have about 4 of these little guys swimming around. While they do like to hide a lot they will always come out for food in their little pandamonium band (as I call them). They're very peaceful until it comes to fightning shrimp for food. Then it's war. They dont want anything to do with anything but themselves which I think is adorable.

If I were to have a complaint about the fish itself, it would be that I have to be extremely careful with what kind of medication I can put in the tank (had some scary first few weeks with new tank syndrome that i didn't know about till after it had happened and some fish I got with ich).

Highly suggest them for any beggnier who likes social introverted catfish. 😁

Panda cories

Settled in and doing nice. Keeping an eye on your stock list. Keep up the good work!

Happy holiday purchase

Very pleased with my recent purchase of a red racer nerite snail, 2 panda cory cats, and 5 neon tetras. Everyone is healthy and adjusted beautifully. We picked them up curbside on Thanksgiving day - and it was a fun (safe) activity for my kids and I on this stay at home holiday! Thank you to the Reeflife staff!

Panda cories

It's been almost a week. They're doing great! All are still alive and healthy.

Nice fish. Great store.

My fish are doing fine; nice and healthy after 15 days. Store was clean and employees were very nice and helpful. Absolutely the best fish store in the area.

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