Premier S-200 S-Series Skimmer 120-260 gal

Premier S-200 S-Series Skimmer 120-260 gal


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Empowered by a daring mindset, ESHOPPS has pioneered a new standard that will transcend convenience, performance, and elegance in the skimmer industry. Introducing The Premier Line of S-Series Skimmers: a result of game-changing improvements, adaptation of simplicity, and contemporary design. The core of The Premier Line is the ESHOPPS INTELLIGENT DESIGN (EID) Technology and it features 5 advancements specific to our proprietary skimmer designs. At the heart is an innovative bubble plate called EDDY™. The EDDY™ Bubble Plate is a groundbreaking design, incorporating blades that allow for increased contact time with finer bubbles. The EDDY™ Bubble Plate has an easy twist release mechanism for convenience of assembly or disassembly. Additional key EID components include: Twist-Off Base, Quick Release Pump Lock, Transparent Venturi, and a Large Capacity Collection Cup. The new Premier Line of S-Series Skimmers simply packs complex engineering into an elegant design

EID (Eshopps Intelligent Design) Technology
  • EDDY™ Bubble Plate (Increased Contact Time w/ Easy Twist Release)
    • Groundbreaking design to incorporate blades that will allow for bubble to rotate and tweak the duration of contact time
    • Precise engineering of brand new bubble plate design to increase contact time for optimal skimming
  • Twist-Off Base
    • Less than 3 seconds to twist open the body for easy access
    • Much more convenient compared to the traditional body skimmer that utilizes screws to lock the body in place
    • Traditional skimmer with screws may sometime turn rusty and makes it difficult to turn
  • Quick Release Pump Lock
    • Quick release of pump by loosening the screw to slide the pump locks out to remove the pump or to install the pump
  • Transparent Venturi
    • See any visible calcium build up and allow for easier maintenance
  • Large Capacity Collection Cup
    • Holds more skimmate
    • Don’t need to empty it out so often
7″ (178 mm)
20″ (508 mm)
7×9″ (178×229 mm)
Water Level
7-9″ (178-229 mm)
Tank Rating
120-260 gal (454-984 L)
Bioload Capacity
40 – Heavy,
90 – Medium,
120 – Light

Customer Reviews

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Ron Rezek
Good skimmer

Bought this skimmer to replace a smaller one I had. After the breaking in period, it is working great. Very pleased with the ability to control the air and water flow. And as always, the people at Reef Life Aquariums are the best!

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