Pygmy Cory

Pygmy Cory


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(Corydoras Pygmaeus)

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Bruce Mcteer
Reluctant buyer

I purchased 4 Pigmy Cory Cats because I only have a ten gallon tank. When I was able to find them I purchased them right sweat. I expect they will only grow to 1””-1.5”. What I didn’t expect was how tiny they were when I bought them. I have to put on my glasses to even see them when they’re sitting still. One died in two days but the others seem to be doing well. They show the typical Cory behavior but they also like to swim a little more and hover mid-tank. They don’t really school with only 3. I paid too much but that was the only way to get a very small Cory. They’re a lot of fun to watch

Joey Spires
Pygmy Corydoras

Very nice addition to my community tank. Very healthy and active

Amanda J Ferguson
Pygmy cory

They're so cute and I've loved watching them. Great little bottom feeders.

Leslie Sockwell
So cute!

Got a beautiful healthy school a Pygmy Corydoras. They are doing great!

Jonathan Leavitt
My new favorite corydoras catfish

I got six pygmy cories for my 20g long and they've been doing very well. They are fun to watch as they have boisterous personalities. They mostly swim all over the mid to bottom regions of the tank following other fish and looking for food. These are my new favorite corydoras species.

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