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Red Longfin Bristlenose


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Sherry Rousseau
Love ❤ it

Loving our little bristle nose❤ thank you

Rob Holston
Love this little guy

We are in love with are little tank cleaner. He is super healthy from the day we picked him up from Reef Life. He has cleaned the entire 65 gallon tank in just 3 days. The driftwood and dragon rock look great now. He is a beautiful fish who is a work horse...Thanks Reef Life!

Terry Maggi
Realy good looking fish

I bought my fish about a week ago. Realy healthy fish. There aquariums are crystal clear. My favorite fish store. They have saltwater and freshwater fish

Eric Reagan
Perfect as always!

I asked for these to be special ordered and they arrived within days, healthy and happy! We love our friends at Reef Life and they are our "go to" for all things aquatics. My wife and I share 10 or more aquariums from nano reefs to 150+ gallon reef and planted fresh water aquariums. We've never had a bad experience there and have never had a problem with fish/coral health, not even once.

Very nice fish

The Pleco I got is very healthy and doing well. I was very happy to see that they quarantine new fish before selling them. More stores should quarantine any new arrivals before trying to sell them. Very happy!