Reef Energy AB Plus - 250ml

Reef Energy AB Plus - 250ml

Red Sea

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Reef Energy Plus All in One Coral Superfood - Red Sea

Help your corals flourish with Reef Energy Plus all-in-one superfood by Red Sea! This enhanced supplement provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration.

Maximal Growth

Reef Energy Plus encourages even faster growth than the original, two-part formula. Under laboratory conditions, corals supplemented with Reef Energy Plus experienced a 15% increase in growth rate!

Ease of Use with Automatic Dosing
The new all-in-one formulation can be kept unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week, making it easier to use when feeding your coral via an automatic doser. (Note: leaving Reef Energy Plus unrefrigerated for more than a week can lead to spoilage. Be sure to wash the dosing container with soapy water between each use).

Highest Energetic Efficiency
Because Reef Energy Plus is an organic complex of dissolved and suspended simple building blocks for carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins; it is easily and readily absorbed by your corals. This immediate, direct consumption provides the highest energetic efficiency to the corals.

No Residual Waste
Every component of Reef Energy Plus is a necessary building block for important metabolic processes in corals (i.e. protein production and soft tissue regeneration). All components of the superfood are consumed and utilized, leaving no unnecessary polluting organic materials (like Phosphate and Nitrate) in the aquarium. (Note: When using LED lighting, increase the dose if corals are no growing, even if there are no signs of photoinhibition).

  • All-in-one coral nutrition
  • Can be used with automatic doser
  • Encourages maximal growth and coloration
  • Minimal overskimming
  • Highest energetic efficiency
  • No residual waste

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt S.
Reef energy is great !

Highly recommend except I’d start with a half dose if you’re just starting to not spike nutrients.

Eric Reagan
Great results so far.

Michael bought this for his personal use but agreed to sell it to us to try. So far it's working great and the corals have responded very well.

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