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Tiger Barb


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The Tiger Barb is silver/gold with black stripes and orange accented fins. They are a very lively, playful fish that prefers to be in schools.
They prefer a well-planted tank of at least 30 gallons with soft, slightly acidic water. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming. The Tiger Barb is a very active fish that may pester or even nip the fins of larger, slower moving fish.

Compatible fish:

Angelfish, Barbs, Corydoras,

Danios, Minnows, Gouramis,

Loaches, Mollies, Platies,

Plecostomus, Rainbowfish, Rasboras,

Sharks, Swordtails, Tetras

Customer Reviews

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Michael Carlisle
Fun fish to watch

The Tiger Barbs arrived healthy and in good condition. I bought a school of 11, love the way the dart around in the tank.

Mike Weldon

very active to watch at feeding time..

Timothy Elkins
Tiger Barbs

Both tiger barbs are still doing great (even after a 4 hour drive). I just got two to got with my other group to make it larger. Will buy from this store again.

Healthy Vibrant Fish!

I bought a school (12) of Tiger Barbs for my 120 gallon tank and they all did extremely well adapting to their new environment. The fish were healthy and very active both at the time of purchase and one week later. Thank you!!

Christina Jackson
Love them

We love our new babies!!