Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Tiger Pistol Shrimp


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(Alpheus bellulus)

The name Symbiotic Shrimp comes from the equally beneficial relationship the Pistol Shrimp has with gobies (e.g. Cryptocentrus). The goby, with better eyesight, warns the shrimp of predators. The shrimp share its food with the goby.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Rach
Best employee ever

Busy at work turning up my sand/gravel.... every tank needs one

Jeff Haizlip
Awesome addition to my tank

Great little shrimp. Paired him with a yellow watchman goby. They’ve been in the tank for over a week and I have settled right in. None of my other fish seem to be bothering them.

Dameta Baldwin
Tiger Pistol Shrimp

I purchased a Tiger Pistol Shrimp two weeks ago and he’s so entertaining! He’s like a little bulldozer shoving the sand to “his” perfect place. All staff members were very polite and knowledgeable about the shrimp. If you’re thinking about, new to this hobby or doing this for years…Reef Life Aquariums is a “one stop” stop!

Allen Huffman
Digging Machine

This little guy is a workhorse. I needed something to help out with my sand. Kim has been a huge help in the success of my tank. She suggested I consider a Pistol Shrimp. He got to work immediately. I haven't seen him since I put him in the tank but you can certainly see the work he has done at night. He has turned over a couple frags on the sand bed, no harm done, so be aware of that. My sand looks cleaner than ever. Great little addition so far.

Robert Golden
Tiger shrimp

Happy and healthy so far. It stays busy excavating tunnels. Made a very interesting addition to my take. Looking forward to adding a goby!

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