Voyager 2 Stream 800 gpph

Voyager 2 Stream 800 gpph


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The Voyager 2 is stream pump for marine aquariums, reef aquariums, and fresh water aquariums, with flow rates up to 800 gallons per hour.

Like all the Voyager series Sicce's unique support allows the placement of all models on the back glass.
  • This makes them easier to hide.
  • No more messy cables or pumps on the ends of the aquarium. With the strong magnetic support, it can be positioned anywhere: on the sides or on
  • the back glass of tank.
This support lets the Voyagers reach the widest angulation of any Steam or current pump: up to 180 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally with endless orientation possibilities.
  • The Voyager's versatility in movement and positioning makes it possible to hide it anywhere, while assuring optimal performance.
  • The rotation of the front ring allows you to regulate the flow, recreating the effect of marine currents and satisfying even the most particular of coral needs.
With the most durable rotor and shaft, the unique bidirectional design of the rotor assures that the pump always starts in the correct sense, avoiding the annoying noises provoked by an inversion of the sense of circulation.
  • The rotor and shaft of the Voyager are wear-resistant beyond compare!
  • Most suction cups applied in a salt water tank become stiff with time, compromising their hold and causing the pump to become unstable.
  • The exclusive magnetic support for the Voyager is long-lasting and reliable and is ideal for glass up to 5/8 inch thick.
The Patented hex flow design is designed for maximum coral polyp extension.
  • In the wide open position, the flow comes out of each outlet hole and spirals together forming a wide rotating vortex of current that is perfect for coral feeding.
  • This unique pattern allows high flow rates without harming or knocking corals over.
  • Put some mysis shrimp or plankton in and watch the Voyager work.
  • When the front is rotated in either direction the Voyager can spread water in a tulip effect up to 2 feet wide in it furthest position.
  • No stream pump on the market can produce the range of currents the Voyager can.
Watch the videos at for all the effects.
The Voyager can be used in fresh water aquariums.
  • In fact, it can be used to raise the deposits from the bottom of the tank for better filtration, contributing to cleaner and clearer water.
  • Combine the Voyager with the Sicce Wave Surfer and you a an quiet wave generating machine.
Maximum inclination, flexibility, silence & reliability - all in one unit!
  • 800 gallons per hour
  • 7 watts
  • CE, UL, cUL listed
  • 3 year warranty
  • 360 degree pump rotation
  • Support with magnet up to 5/8' glass
  • Adjustable deflector
  • Water capacity regulator
  • Quietest operation on the market
  • Safe for use with timers
  • Longest lasting
  • Fish safe
  • Most reliable
  • Spread water up to 2 feet wide
  • Can be alternated off and on rapidly without noise
  • Lowest electrical consumption
  • Coolest running

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