Ziss Brine Hatchery
Ziss Brine Hatchery
Ziss Brine Hatchery
Ziss Brine Hatchery

Ziss Brine Hatchery


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  • Holds 2 Liters
  • Impact Resistant Design
  • Hangs on a Tank or in its Stand
Simply put, this is the best brine shrimp hatchery on the market. You may be thinking "how much better could this be over a 2 liter bottle?" When you hatch live baby brine shrimp every day, the construction and thoughtfulness of this design won't go unnoticed. All of team Aquarium Co-Op use and love this hatchery. It is made of super strong plastic to withstand an impact and has the option to run a heater and thermometer in it. We highly recommend running this brine shrimp hatchery with our USB Air Pump and our Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp Eggs Note that the provided thermometer is in Celsius.

We recommend the following for hatching:

Fill to within 1 inch from the top with water (no dechlorinator)
Add 2 tablespoons of salt 
Add Eggs
Let hatch for 24 hours (or more depending on temperature)
Use a light near the spout to attract brine shrimp for collecting
You can rinse the brine shrimp or feed with the salt water if your tank needs minerals for the live plants or hard water fish
We don't use the provided airstone in our setup as it makes cleaning harder between hatches. If you wish to use the airstone, you'll need to cut down the rigid tubing. We recommend cleaning by rinsing out well after every use while it's still wet from the previous hatch.
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In stock at Retail

Ziss Brine Hatchery

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